Reasons of Love to Tell

No fairer face would cath my sight

For I’m into you all day, all night.

No better soul my heart I’d give

For it is you for whom my life I’d live.


No greater treasure I’d want to have

For you’re the greatest wealth buried on my chest.

No season that I would hate, no more

For each is a bliss when spent with you.


No splendor overwhelms me further

For with my arms are around you, I feel better.

No vice that I would be addicted

For with you alone, I’m captivated.


No lie that I would dare to tell

For you’re the only truth that keeps me real.

No surrender that I would try to seek

For you give me hope, more of what I need to reap.


You’re my life, my treasure, my bliss…

You’re my addiction, my truth and the hope that I would reap.

These are the reasons why I stick on you.

And are only few of the thousand causes why I Love You.


Note: It’s my first time really to write a poem. I’m really not into it but because i’m in-love, i tried it. I hope it’s not corny or something. It’s February. Love, Love, Love! I love you bebe!


“Changing is not about the length of a new year’s resolution. It’s about the truth in your purpose and the extent of what you can do to achieve that change.”

No more writing. Act toward that aim of change. Good day! Have a safe new year and may no fingers would come into waste…(and no more blood please.)


“What you say doesn’t speak for what you can do. Man is not merely measured by what he has to say but more of what he has to do. Ideas told can build possibilities but ideas applied and done well for the betterment can make a desirable reality.”

– An inspirational message brought to you by XZAJERADO. This 2014, stop thinking of possibilities. Make your piled up possibilities into realities. Happy new year everyone! May we all have a victorious year ahead. And may the Philippines rise again completely.

Words to Heed 101

Shame on you!

Devastation. Starvation. Exasperation. Life really swings violently at times. Not one of us can recognize himself to have total power over life. The Mother Nature starts to send substantial warnings to humankind and it happens frequently on Philippines.

We often say that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure but at some points, no amount of readiness could have geared up everyone for the tremendous obliteration caused by the super typhoon Yolanda for which the state has stumbled upon recently. By now, everybody seems to be next to faltering, losing courage and confidence that all things would actually turn out better. Typhoon survivors are weeping for help. Tired out media are delivering news stories from destroyed zones. Overwrought government officials are trying to act in response to this record-breaking natural catastrophe but the situation still gets even worse as it seems. Affected people are desperate. There are many people who have no place for shelter. Difficulty arises in the instance of the needy in getting food to eat. In this kind of situation, under this gravity of destruction and all this uncalled for happenings that our country is facing, isn’t it better to forget the benefits we can get individually and think on how we can get through this together as one instead? Well, it’s so damn easy to say that we are doing everything but do we? Is this already the extent of our best? Wake up Philippines! Wake up government! Wake up petty politics who still can think of how can get fame and give fragrance to their names in the midst of the problems after the calamity! I hate to say this but I have to. This is not for all of the government officials for I know that some of them really share huge and genuine efforts to fix all of these. But for few who do not, you know yourself and these three words are for you — SHAME ON YOU!.

I continuously hear some shameful reports about these dirty activities of some Philippines’ most respected (are they, really?) government officials. First, they pretend to help but the smelly intentions lying underneath are still uncontrollable and have happened to come out. Where can you see that a genuine help – boxes of relief goods for survivors, in particular – has to bear the government official’s name and picture? Is that how you, whoever you are, define PUBLIC SERVICE? To make yourself popular in the midst of disaster? WOW. Really, SHAME ON YOU! Next, they pretend to help really that they repacked the imported commodities that the other countries donated and changed all of those with the local products. WOW, really. How smart of you. But aren’t you ashamed that your using your brains to outsmart others? *sigh*. I’m full. I’m really of the sh*t! Please, if you really want to help, then help. If you don’t want, then don’t. Many citizens need your help but you are not forced to give it. Are you? Our country needs help but it’s not the pseudohelp. It needs the genuine one. Please stop helping if you’re doing so because of your personal benefits. There are so many time to do that but please, not today, not now. More than anything else, the country needs to rise from a clean sheet and it’s the best thing you could give. Do that!

A Wrong and a Mistake

I had a wrong one…

A wrong decision..

A wrong choice.


It’s quite hard to state accurately what have changed. I presume those earlier days were so good because I felt like I’ve been exonerated from the pressures of the internet, of the online community. My liberty had become tangible. I was a little bit bored to tears, a little bit sad, but I had this awakened feeling and I found it an amazing alteration on the pacing of my life. But as I go on and live that change, long enough when I stopped looking at my existence in the context of “I’ll sit all day and browse the internet,” the undesirable attributions which I didn’t know that dwells within me started to come out as the offline survival became mundane.

Almost three weeks ago, I ran off the internet. I assumed it was turning me into a barren individual. I thought that I lacked meaning, that I was losing my soul.

It’s been exactly 20 days now since I surfed the web or checked my email, the notifications on my fb account or blogged my ideas rather than saying it. I’ve handled to stay disconnected and it just turned out like how I planned it.

And now I’m expecting myself to be composed, to be firm to tell you how it got to the bottom of all my predicaments. I’m supposed to be better now. I should have turned into more genuine. More ideal but guess what? I’ve turned the opposite.

Look, it’s 7 in the evening and I just woke up. I slept long all day, woke up with the mouth-watering smell of the food being cooked by my mother for dinner, an inbox flooded by text messages, several missed calls on my phone from friends. I rose from bed and sit to one of the chairs around the circular table to consume my dinner, asking my mom to serve it all to me. For the past days, I went out with my friends, enjoyed the night and went home late knowing that my mother is waiting for me with a sleepy head but still trying to be awake just to know that I’ll be home safe. My cellphone would be dead and nobody could get connected to me. At some point my mother would get fed up with worries and exaggerated speculations about what already happened to me or if I was still alive. If I was only connected in the internet it was easier to assure the concern folks of my life that I was alive and sane, it’s easy to reach my friends and connect to the people I know, it’s easier to be a relevant division of the society and most of all, my mother’s life on the past few days could have been a little bit lighter.

Now, I’m watching this nonsense Filipino series on TV while having an alternate fleeting look at the blinking cursor in this text document and the keyboard. I just left all my mess on the table expecting my mother to clean those. For the most part, the practical aspects of the past weeks have gone with little notification. I have no trouble living my life the way I wanted it—I mean, only now. The past years are tough. But maybe I let myself to drown too much in my temporary liberty that I already forgotten my real purpose of running from the pressures and stress of the online community. I’m turning into a plain pain in the neck or a good for nothing son. It’s sad that it took me too long to realize that I’m no longer in the journey that I planned to have. I don’t want to meet this Jasper at the tail end of my three-week trip.


When I left the internet I thought I’ll be in a library searching for an offline copy of Mr. YAHOO. I always think that it only takes an online browsing to learn everything in the world, in life but I was wrong. The most important thing that I have learned could be realized without an internet connection — a son wouldn’t have to go on a 40mbps internet fast to realize that his mother whom he often brand as “exaggerated”, “overacting” and “irritating” has feelings and cares for her UNICO HIJO genuinely.




It’s more like a court trial proceeding when this friend and classmate of mine, Aingel Joy A. Domingo, entered the faculty room of our department on the day of releasing of grades. Murmurs are everywhere. Eyes are focused on her. Everyone wants to here her side of the story.

It’s really a big question to everyone how she became tardy this semester. She used to be so studious. She used to be advising me to attend classes after my several days of absence in school and not the other way around. She used to get the high scores in exams. She used to be a threat to all those studs craving for goddamned skyscraper-high grades. She used to be the topic of the “invidious community” who wants to take over her position in the department’s list of best performing students and so on and so forth.

I tried to talk to her several times and she had been truthful(I think so) in answering me with information regarding why she turned into this non-existing student. She told me that sometimes she just doesn’t feel like attending our classes. She’s staying all day in their dorm, lying on her bed, browsing the net, playing the up-to-date downloadable games, etc.. But again, another question arises – WHY? She said even just for a sem, she wants to experience how it feels to be the old me. What? The reason is so silly. How can someone want the life I had in the previous six semesters of my college life? The non-existent, pointless me. Imagine?! I discouraged her to do that but she still did it. Her other reason for her absences is her migraine. She told me that she’s been experiencing unbearable headaches at times. She attended some check ups but she never wanted to have the treatments. USELESS. Now, she successfully got her aim. She was graded 4.0(removal examination) in two of our subjects and the other remaining subjects – 3.0.


Class absences, noncompliance to requirements and missed examinations.


“I’m sleep-deprived.”

“My head is aching so badly.”

“In the days of my absence, I went to the hospital for check up.”


The statement of the accused.(July 25, 2013)

“I’ve been absent for a few days now. And that sucks ’cause I already missed a lot of exams.”

“Okay. So I just thought that talking about my beyond-grasp stupidity is the best thing to do.”

“Question. Why am I stupid?”

1. My priorities are easily shaken. That’s STUPID.

2. I can’t manage my decisions right.

3. I  put effort on things that really, doesn’t need “efforting”.

4. It always doesn’t matter to me that it’s not reciprocated. You know. That.

5. (As told by a friend) I tend to reason out why this person did something bad or whatever.

“I just want to go back to how my life used to be five months ago. No complications. Studies going very well. Always problematic about food but never on anything else. *sighs*”

“How do you plea?”, she was asked.

“Guilty your honor.”, she answered.

She took the examinations needed for her to pass the subject and she did it. She’s brainy, haven’t I told you? Oh, I did.

No matter what she had turned into, whoever she maybe right now, one thing’s for sure – she’s still that Aingel whom I got irritated at start and whom I got closed to like sister until now. Whatever happens, I’m proud of this girl. She maybe moody at times but it’s tolerable. HAHA. I’m now holding on her promise that she’ll do good next semester. C’mon girl, let’s bring back the threat in the invidious community. YAHOO!

Captain of a Soul

responsible for my own happiness

Good evening, or whatever time of the day it happens to be while you’re reading this.

From time to time I do take a while to throw my mind back to the major crucial points in my life and envision how could my life turned out if I had made different choices, different decisions. This is not my manner of contrition for the things I’ve done in my past but rather to recognize the power I hold through making mindful choices, making sensible decisions.

Just now, I arrived across this statement and it really struck me.  I found myself pondering why, and after some time of thinking (*sigh* let’s say like a couple of minutes), it lead me into reasoning that it has something to do with the rapidity of life recently.  Relating with many of you, I usually find myself hopping from one thing to the other at such feverish haste that at some whiles, I even forgotten what I did 10, 15 or 20 minutes ago.  I am too pushed on thinking about finishing the next thing on the list rather than breathing in the moment.  That’s how studying should be after all – OOOOOPPS! Not if you aren’t considering your studies seriously. You know, that requirements tagged as “for compliance’s sake”, “better than nothing” or “copy-pasted”? I’ve already passed such in innumerable times. I’ve been there, done that! I got tired of being branded of unwanted names. That’s why I told myself that I’ll make a change in me – not that full-blown change, just gradually (it’s more realistic and attainable). But as they say, everything we do has a corresponding consequence. In my case, I have to remind myself frequently to be more current – not to be stiff, slow down and just BE.

But this statement I’ve read left running in my head so as it made me think about how often I see people look disappointed because something didn’t turn out the way they want it to be; or how often I hear complains that weather ruined this and that. Sincerely, is it really important if the song played in your first ever intimate dinner date isn’t your favorite one? Or if the steak cooked for you by the one you love for breakfast is as tensile as thick rubber or not of good taste that even a dog would refuse to eat? Wasn’t that moment when your love opened up about something significant and you had a heart-to-heart conversation that could take all the remaining hours of the night if it needed to; or that moment of you together that you can enjoy and can be kept in your memories which matters?

Why not put it this way? Consciously, why don’t we try to make each moment, chance, occasion or scheduled affair near to perfect as we can, while we can?  Will it actually work? Will it be close to perfect? The answer is maybe YES, maybe NO.  But isn’t it worth a try lending some time and effort working toward that aim rather than feeling let down just because you thought someone else figured out your notion of perfect and would just make it so?  Or better yet, just find those perfect moments contained by each situation under whatever weather it may be and savor it.  The simple chuckles, a quality time together, a simple jamming, the memories sparkled, the people you usually want and long to be with… these little things that are sometimes unnoticed, whether planned or not, are just – on their own – PERFECT.

What am I trying to say is that whatever I did in my life is not a crap. Whatever my decisions in the past brought me today, whether good or bad, I won’t feel sorry for myself for I heed something from each choice I took and that is the so-called EXPERIENCE. The good thing is I learned from it. In the future, I won’t do the same mistakes again and I will not blame others for the things that didn’t turn out the way I want them to be for I’ll make sure that I’ll blow all my efforts in each situation just to make it PERFECT if not, I’ll do appreciate things more to find the hidden PERFECTION in each circumstance. I hope you guys learned and will do the same way as I’ve said in the latter part of this article.